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RS2000 Timeline 1976 - 1980

January 1976 - RS2000 released for sale and was known as the 'Broadstripe' due to the thick line at bumper height running down either side of the car.

August 1976 - Broadstripe dropped in favour of the twin coach line that was to stay until production stopped in July 1980. Black sills were also now added and the RS2000 logo on the rear quarter panels was deleted.

August 1977 - FORD lettering dropped from the grille and boot in favour of the blue oval badges.

2.0 badges dropped on the wings and the smaller round Escort badge on the boot was changed to the squared type with the addition of the RS2000 sticker on the boot lid next to the badge.

September 1978 - Introduction of the Base and Custom models. The RS2000 was now available with black,bitter,tan and chocolate interior options.

August 1979 - Black interior discontinued. Brown and tan with brown plastics are the only option.

July 1980 - Production stops.